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Want to Know the Value of Your Asset ?

              Cagayan de Oro Real Estate Appraisal is here to help you.

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Residential | Agricultural| Commercial | Industrial | Property , Plant & Equipment

Purpose of Appraisal :

  For Selling , Acquisition , Insurance , Taxation , Real Estate Asset Market Value Update Mortgage , Leasing , Divorce and Annulment Proceeding , Expropriation , Property Disputes , Estate Settlement and Succession , Liquidation , Bankruptcy and Other Purposes


About Us

Cagayan de Oro Real Estate Appraisers is a group of experienced Licensed Real Estate Appraisers engaged in appraisal of any types of of Fixed Assets such as Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Agricultural Land and Buildings Private Appraisal , Bank Appraisal , Company Appraisal and other Purpose : For Selling , Acquisition and Just Compensation.

Our group provides fast turnaround of appraisal reports leading to our reputation as a fast growing appraisal services in the city. Our exceptional and reliable service is why we are valued by our clients.

Contact Us

Your opinions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here 24/7. You can call us by phone or email us directly.

Cagayan de Oro City

Our Services :

Residential Land

House and Lot only
Apartment and Dormitory
Residential   Buildings
Hotels and Motels

Agricultural Land

Raw land
Farm land (including livestocks, plants and crops)

Commercial Building

Office Building
Commercial Strip
Shopping Center
Any commercial and income generating properties

Industrial Establishment

Industrial Lot
Warehouse and Distribution Center
Equipment and machinery

Special Properties

Golf Course

Property , Plant & Equipment